I’m bored, so I’ve decided to go to another world



A gorgeous woman appear before Mitsuki Ikki saying that she is the goddess in charge of the world, and that in another world the someone is doing a forced summoning without her consent and that she can’t stop it, but she can interfere and choose who are going to be sent to that world. And so, after thinking about it…. ” well, I’m bored, this world is boring. Going to another world seems fun” he decided to go to another world, and the first thing that he do after arriving at the kingdom that summoned him is knock out the king?!


First arc:  A new world

Chapter 1 Meeting with the goddess

Chapter 2 Summonig

Chapter 3 Lemuria kingdom

Chapter 4 In the royal capital

Chapter 5 Let’s go to the adventurer’s guild!

Chapter 6 Flan subjugation!

Chapter 7 I have become an A rank adventurer

Chapter 8 Leaving behind the royal capital! or not

Chapter 9 Ikki and the slave dealer

Chapter 10 Future plans

Chapter 11 The end of the thieves

Chapter 12 Return to the capital

Chapter 13 Guild master

Chapter 14 Heroes’ dilemma – part 1

Chapter 15 Heroes’ dilemma – part 2

Chapter 16 Heroes’ dilemma – part 3 final

Chapter 17 Kidnapped Eileen – part one

Chapter 18 Kidnapped Eileen – part two final

Chapter 19 Rescue

Chapter 20 Preparing to meet the Queen

Chapter 21 First meeting and mission – Part 1

Chapter 22 First meeting and mission – Part 2

Chapter 23 First meeting and mission – Part 3

Chapter 24 First meeting and mission – part 4

Chapter 25 First meeting and mission – Part 5 Final

Chapter 26 Epilogue

Chapter 27 At that time in that world


Second arc: Queen’s vanguard

Chapter 28 Strangeness

Chapter 29 Business? Part 1

Chapter 30 Business? Part 2

Chapter 31 Business? Part 3 Final

Chapter 32 The mysterious fox

Chapter 33 The merchant’s syndicate

Chapter 34 The Ten-Tailed Fox Clan – Part 1

Chapter 35 The Ten-Tailed Fox Clan – Part 2

Chapter 36 The Ten-Tailed Fox Clan – Part 3

Chapter 37 The Ten-Tailed Fox clan – Part 4

Chapter 38 The Ten-Tailed Fox Clan – Part 5 {final}

Chapter 39 Invaluable Treasure – part 1

Chapter 40 Invaluable Treasure – Part 2

Chapter 41 Invaluable Treasure – Part 3 {Final}